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Frequently Asked Questions

 1. How old does my child have to be to play with BDYB?
We accept players ages 4 -18

2. How does the league protect children from coaches who have criminal records?
The League requires every coach to have a Virginia State Criminal Background Check (CBC) and a Sex Offender Registry Check. If managers and coaches have a CBC/SOC on file with the league then it is good for one Spring and Fall season.

3. How long does the season last?  
SPRING/SUMMER - Drafts typically take place during mid to late March with a few weeks of practices immediately following.   The season usually starts around mid-April and ends in mid-June. An end of season tournament and All-Star games are done immediately following the regular season games in Intermediate divisions and up. Regular season averages a 12 game schedule.
FALL SEASON - Drafts typically take place during mid-August with two weeks of practices. The season typically starts after Labor Day and runs through the end of October.  In the Fall, there is an end of season tournament for the Intermediate Divisions and up. There are no All-Star games in the Fall. Regular season averages an 8 game schedule.

4. My child has never played baseball (or hasn't for a long time) and I am afraid that they will not be able to keep-up with their age group. Can they play in a lower league more commensurate with their skill level?
In some instances, we allow players to play-down one level below where they would normally play due to safety reasons. The Commissioner will talk with the parents and determine the need to play-down. The child must try out first and then the Player Agent will asses the skill level and determine if the child is a safety risk. 

5. Why do you have tryouts? I thought everyone who signed up got to play?
All of the children who sign up will be assigned to teams up to the limit of the roster size. The tryout process is used to evaluate the players skill level for draft purposes. This is intended to help balance the teams and provide more parity throughout the divisions. 
6.Does my child have to attend the tryouts in order for him/her to be drafted?
No. If your child does not attend the tryouts, then your child will be placed in a hat draft.

7. How do the drafts work?
The Blastball and T-ball draft is a simple assignment by the Commissioner and all other divisions are drafted after tryouts.

8. My child played in the League last season and we would like for him/her to play on a different team next season. Can my child play on a different team? 
The parents can request that their child not be on the same team as last season. As a parent, you can only request one team that you do not want your child to play on. 

9. Can I request that my child play on a certain team?
The only divisions that can accommodate this request is Blastball and T-ball since there isn't a draft and the commissioner assigns the players. Also, the Blastball and T-ball divisions is purely instructional and they do not keep scores or standings so there is no danger of "stacking" a team. In all other divisions you cannot request your child to play on a certain team.

10. I have registered my child and I have not heard anything. What do I do?
The Coach has 7-days to contact you once the draft is held. Look at our Important Dates tab for the specific date of our draft. For Blastball and T-ball the Commissioner will assign the players to teams and the coaches will call you.

11. Can we get a refund? 
The League policy is that there are no refunds except for middle school and high school students that tryout and make their school teams. The cancellation must be in writting to the registrar prior to April 1st.

12. What days are the Practices and Games Held?
Practice and Game Schedules are undeterminded until the teams are selected. Typically coaches are assigned 2 practice slots a week and one may consist of a Saturday practice slot. When games start then you could have 1 to 2 games a week. 

13. How will I know if our game or pracitce has been canceled due to weather?

Call the Park Authority for field conditions @ 703-792-3294Nokesville Elementary School follows the Park Authority Closing Procedures forNokesville Park

14. Our game is canceled due to weather. Will the game be made up?
The game will be made up on the Saturday following the original scheduled game. The League will send out an email confirming the time of the game.

15. I have a complaint involving the team, league or something else. What do I do?
Here is the process to get your complaint addressed:
a. First talk with your Coach and enlist their help in resolving or addressing the issue.
b. If you are not satisfied, contact the Commissioner in your league and see if they can help.
c. Still not resolved? Put your complaint in writing and address it to the Board of Directors. Once the Commissioner has the complaint in writing they are required to tell the Executive Board and then brief the full Board on the issue and resolution at the next monthly meeting. It is very rare that the Coach or Commissioner cannot resolve an issue.

16. I'd like to coach a team. How do I get started? 
Coaches must apply the same way that players do. Go to the registration section of our web page.  The Board reviews the applications and notifies the coaches that are selected for each division. All coaches must be Babe Ruth Certified which is an online course that is linked to the registration.

17. I would like to Volunteer? 
There are several volunteer opportunities with the league. Please check the Board Member tab to review for volunteer vacancies. The BDYB is always in need of extra help at the Snack Bar to assist the Snack Bar Managers and each team will need a Team Mom.